What is Free & Local?

Story-time at your local library is fun and free and great way to meet your neighbors.  If you have young kids and you need to distract them for an hour, the library is a great place to go and share the Story-time fun in singing nursery rhymes and reading short stories.

What I also discovered is if your library in changing out their books or cleaning up their inventory, you can always ask for some of the books that are no longer in circulation (aka “discards”).   This is a great way to add to your book collection at home for when you can’t get out of the house, you create your own Story-time.

Here is a sampling of the discarded books that I was able to pick up earlier today….not bad!!

What bit of information could you take away?

For all the parents/caregivers, the library is a great distraction for the kids, not to mention FREE entertainment, and potentially FREE books (discards) should your local library offer this.

For all the kids, it is some place different to visit, great entertainment and interaction with the other kids.

To Your Freedom in Sanity!

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