Got Home Project? Don’t Know Where to Start?

A very recent hot July Sunday night, our air conditioner died….a big fat UGH!!  We had to rely on our ceiling fans to keep us cool while I looked in to a new unit. I never had an A/C break on me, have you? With this hot sticky weather, I knew I had to plan a trip to Sears the … [Read more...]

Are You Striking a Balance in your Life?

Did you ever hear of the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees?”  or another way of putting it is “you can’t see the forest cause the trees are in the way?” I have heard of it a dozen times over the years and it really did not sink in until today. What does it … [Read more...]

Wanting a Perfect Ending…

Did you ever say or hear one of your friends say…if only this happened will I be much happier or I wish I could work from home and make my own hours or if I could just make this much money that my life will be that much easier? I have…plenty of times! If you read between … [Read more...]

4 ½ Tips to Work from Home Successfully

How do you get your own act together when your toddler is running around uncontrollably and you have to set aside a few hours to work from home?? I have come up with the following tips over the last couple of years as a work from home entrepreneur. Set your alarm clock for … [Read more...]

Freedom Calls Passage

What gets your positive momentum going? Inspiring quotes or passages fire me up to stay the course in achieving goals. Here is a great passage about freedom that I read in Success Magazine’s July 2011 issue. Freedom calls. It whispers to those locked In desparate … [Read more...]