At the start of the school year, my daughter’s teacher handed out a copy of 101 ways to praise a child. It was a list of praise words that could genuinely mean the world to a child after a good deed or effort is done.  As we get older, praise in this way can still be effective and hold meaning to someone or serve as a gratifying measure in one’s life.  As a teenager and adult working in the corporate world, I loved to hear “you’re on target” or “remarkable job”.  Praise can help anyone flourish at any age.

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and business woman, I need to add more of these praise words to my daily vocabulary.  What better time to initiate this new practice than the start of a New Year!  How about you?  Do you need to add a little praise in to your life and your family’s life too?  The first step is to praise you, and then praise for others will come naturally.

Here are 101 ways to praise a child at any age (Author Unknown).

Wow * Way To Go * Super * You’re Special * Outstanding * Excellent * Great * Good * Neat * Well Done * Remarkable * I Knew You Could Do It * I’m Proud Of You * Fantastic * Super Star * Nice Work * Looking Good * You’re On Top Of It * Beautiful * Now You’re Flying * You’re Catching On * Now You’ve Got It * You’re Incredible * Bravo * You’re Fantastic * Hurray For You * You’re on Target * You’re On Your Way * How Nice * How Smart * Good Job * That’s Incredible * Hot Dog * Dynamite * You’re Beautiful * You’re Unique * Nothing Can Stop You Now * Good For You * I Like You * You’re a Winner * Remarkable Job * Beautiful Work * Spectacular * You’re Spectacular * You’re Darling * You’re Precious * Great Discovery * You’ve Discovered The Secret * You Figured It Out * Fantastic Job * Hip, Hip Hurray * Bingo * Magnificent * Marvelous * Terrific * You’re Important * Phenomenal * You’re Sensational * Super Work * Creative Job * Super Job * Fantastic Job * Exceptional Performance * You’re A Real Trooper * You Are Responsible * You Are Exciting * You Learned It Right * What An Imagination * What A Good Listener * You Are Fun * You’re Growing Up * You Tried Hard * You Care * Beautiful Sharing * Outstanding Performance * You’re A Good Friend * I Trust You * You’re Important * You Mean A Lot To Me * You Make Me Happy * You Belong * You’ve Got A Friend * You Make Me Laugh * You Brighten My Day * I Respect You * You Mean The World To Me * That’s Correct * You’re A Joy * You’re A Treasure * You’re Wonderful * You’re Perfect * Awesome * A+ Job * You’re A-OK My Buddy * You Made My Day * That’s The Best * A Big Hug *A Big Kiss * Say I Love You * p.s. Remember, A Smile Is Worth 1000 Words!

To Your Freedom In Showering Praise Upon Your Loved Ones!

You’re Wonderful!  (see how easy that was!)

Happy New Year Blessings 🙂


  1. Thanks Lynn! I have a magnet on my fridge all about this…my daughter today asked me what PRAISE meant. I told her saying nice things to others. Who doesn’t want to hear something nice everyday? I do!

  2. I agree Kris! I will have to look for that magnet. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This is great! I really think it is important in raising self esteem in children by continual praise! Thank you for the ideas!
    kathy j recently posted..So I Fooled The Kids!!My Profile

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