Happy Valent’ICE’ Day!

Hearts SjB 2014If you are living on the East coast, you can relate to living with snow, rain and ice for the last month, and especially over these last 2 days.  Cabin fever takes on a new meaning when school has been cancelled for the second day and we are embarking on a 4 day weekend/mid-winter recess.  My husband was up around 4:00 am to shovel the driveway, and said to me that our town plow trucks were plowing the streets, so he was confident that school would be open.  Well, I got the text/email/phone call at 5:30 am that school was closed due to ‘inclement weather’.  So what did I do…I went back to sleep for an extra hour or two.  My husband’s bus was cancelled so he took the train in to work today.

I was hoping school was open because it was Valentine’s Day and it is always so special to celebrate holidays in school with classmates.  My daughter was looking forward to giving out her Valentine’s cards that she personally signed her name to.  Our morning playgroup was cancelled too.  All the Valentine Cards and snacks are now sitting in a bag in the dining room.  Here’s to hoping we can have a replay of Valentine’s Day next week… keeping my fingers crossed.

I was glad having a snow day yesterday for safety reasons.  What an unbelievable day full of heavy snow fall, rain, thunder, lightning and of course the icy snow that was lying on the ground from the other snowy days all month.  It’s nice to have an unexpected day off from the school/work week routine FOR a DAY, but after the second day of no school …well now we have to change the activities up a bit so BOREDOM does not set in.

Depending on your kids’ ages or whether they are out of the home or very much attached to your hip, here are some activities or items that we started doing over these snow days.

  • Baked cookies.
  • Picked up the book that was sitting on my night stand for a month and started to read it.
  • Tackled the ever growing pile of mail/school stuff laying on your kitchen counter, table or next to your computer on your desk.
  • Called family or friends to chat. (No Texting)
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon in our house…right now, my daughter is watching “Minnie-rella”.
  • Yesterday we watched American Idol from Wednesday night’s top 30 finals. (love my DVR!)  It’s getting so good and we all love the judges.
  • Highlight’s Hidden Pictures and coloring the hidden objects with color pencils.  This is a great activity for adults and kids.  Believe me an hour doing this activity goes quick!
  • This one is a no brainer…doing laundry!
  • Rescheduling appointments that you cancelled due to being home bound.
  • Reviewing Summer Town Kids Activities.  Just thinking about the summer helps with these frigid cold temperatures.
  • Get ready for the weekend…movies?

Even though most of our activities were cancelled today, the one activity that is NOT is our family Valentine’s dinner.  We are looking forward to getting out of the house and celebrating this evening.

What have you been doing to stave off cabin fever?  Please share your thoughts or comments below.  Would love to hear from you 🙂

I hope you are having a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day.

“How quick and rushing life sometimes seem, when at the same time it’s so slow and sweet and everlasting.”  ~Graham Swift

To Your Freedom in Staying Warm and Productive!


Hidden Pictures...Love!!

Hidden Pictures…Love!!

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