From Potty Training to Adult Training

Photo credit: Stuart MilesWhat a big revelation I am having throughout the ups and downs of potty training my daughter.

Today is day 4 being all dry (YAY! and Whew!!).  What did it take to get to this point?   Lots of patience, impatience, and downright prayer!  We had a few things going on all around the same time, which brought on some adjusting and adapting.  For starters we moved twice over the past year, and my daughter also changed preschools twice.  Any grown up would stress over these changes, so why would I think a toddler would take it ALL in stride.  I know kids are resilient, but, sometimes the combination of lifestyle changes can throw them off…right?

Some background…we started officially potty training about 6 months ago when she was around 3 ½.  Most parents would tell me…“When she is ready, she will go on the potty…”  Well, not knowing was very frustrating and hopeful at the same time.  Before our second move, she was in a good routine with potty training…and just started to independently tell me she has to go to the bathroom.   After our second move and starting a new preschool…she regressed big time.  I was told this would happen for about 2 weeks, and then it would pick back up.  Not the case.  It took almost 3 months for us to get back in to a good routine…which started this past week J

Looking back, what could have caused the change in my daughter’s behavior?

  • Was I consistent with her going on the potty every day? (Yes, until her doctor recommended to not pushing the potty training as she adjusts to her new home/school).
  • Did I stop asking her to put a sticker on her potty chart to reward her? (Yes)
  • Did I let her not go on the potty a few mornings while we were running late, because it was easier to just change her pull up and go?  (Yes)

Overall, the consistency in potty training was out of the picture, and I needed to figure out when was a good time to reintroduce potty training.  This was our dilemma for a little while.

What changed in our second attempt to potty train my daughter?

  • Tweaked the reward system to chocolate kisses (pee on potty) and wearing a Tiara for an hour (“Potty Princess” when poop on potty).  Note: all other chocolate or goodies have to stop (for awhile) to help make the one favorite item your child loves all the more attractive to go for.  I had to tell both her Grandmas to stop giving her chocolate sweets for awhile, and only a chocolate sweet (and real kiss) if she pees on the potty at their house.
  • Bought a potty watch for her to wear.  It sings to the time you set it to (30, 60 or 90 minutes).
  • Posted a visual reward by the toilet area and a new potty chart to put up a sticker for when she pees or poops.
  • Carry a travelling foldable potty ring.

…and the biggest change that made the above work for my daughter was timing and consistency.  These characteristics can truly shape your dreams and goals.  At any age, it is important to consistently work towards goals and it is important to know when to seize the moment in time to embrace the change in your daily routine.

Whether you are helping your child potty train, studying for a degree, training for a marathon, or building a business; performing activities consistently is what is going to help reach your milestones.  What I also realized, is that timing helps you get started with a goal.  It makes you feel comfortable with your decision to move forward…but, just like anything in life, things pop up and move you in a different direction for an hour, a day, week or months.  This is why consistent activities help create habit forming efforts while life takes you for a spin away from your goals.

At times, it is better to jump in to a project you are doing just to get started, instead of waiting for that perfect moment.  From personal experience, there is never a “perfect” time.  Finding the perfect time to me really means over-thinking or over-complicating a decision.  Do you agree?

Here is one of my favorite quotes that motivates me…how about you?

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ~Zig Ziglar

To Your Freedom in Starting a Dream Come True!


potty training visual rewards

Potty Training Visual Rewards




Girl potty chart sample

Girl Potty Chart Sample



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  1. Regardless of what you are trying to be successful at, it’s all about being consistent and learning from your failures! Love the article! Thanks Lynn!
    Rebecca Malcolm recently posted..Be Yourself for Success!My Profile

  2. I love the tiara idea! Oh, man, I am soooo not looking forward to potty training my twins. Hopefully it is a long way off! How wonderful that you are on a ‘dry streak’! Best of luck!
    Nikki recently posted..My Twin Pregnancy Story-The First WeeksMy Profile

    • Hi Nikki, Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment! I’m seeing that the Princess theme is very popular for Girls ages 3 and 4. I was educated fast on all of them. I only remember Cinderella and Snow White from my childhood 🙂 In another week or so, I plan on decreasing the kisses to a couple at lunch time or snack for her reward as she stays dry for the whole day. Your blog says you have an older son, so I’m sure you have all the basics down. All you have to do is tweak it for your girls. PS: Thank you for following me on twitter…I’m following you now. All the best, Lynn

  3. I do like that quote too Lynn! My daughter decided to try “early” to potty train – since everyone else used the potty in the house, but it was too soon for her and it didn’t last long. A number of months later – it was her time and she stuck with it! I think there is something to be said for timing too!
    Danielle recently posted..5 Ways to Deter MosquitoesMy Profile

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