Your Daughter’s First Set of Earrings…When Is The Right Time?

Ear Piercing 2When is the right time to have your daughter’s ears pierced?  Only YOU can answer that question. This is a mom’s journey towards that decision.

When my daughter was born, I was so overwhelmed adjusting to all the new mommy responsibilities and healing from surgery.  My mental state at that time was to NOT ‘rock the boat’ with something that I elected to do on my precious tiny newborn.  It was fear of an unexpected infection, or the horror in having her swallow an earring or post if it fell off the earring back.  A very good friend told me that it happened to her child, albeit many years ago.  I’m sure the chances of that happening are very minimal, but ask yourself…would you put your baby at risk over something looking pretty as a baby, or perhaps, wait when she is older…?

What is ironic and my sister will gladly chime in and agree, is that it was nice to see my nieces get their ears pierced when they were around 4 months old.  You would think as an Aunt, proudly watching my nieces get their ears pierced, that it would be a breeze to decide for my daughter years later.   Nope!!  I felt I should wait until she can speak up when something is hurting her.  Safety was always my concern.  I always loved (and still do) looking at baby/toddler girls with their ears pierced.  It looks so pretty.  I just could not bring myself to do it for my own daughter….until NOW!!

What changed my mind recently?  Here are several factors that made our decision to get our little girl’s ears pierced:

  • Age – I wanted my daughter to be old enough to know not to touch her ears constantly and to help with cleaning them should an infection come about.  I was about 9 years old when I had my ears pierced, so that was my first thought for a starting age for my daughter.  But like anything in life as a parent, what you first thought of or what shaped your opinions or rules as new parents soon changes or evolves over time.  By the time my daughter was 4 ½, she noticed a couple of girls in her class with pierced ears.  This was the start of her liking and wanting earrings.  I tried buying the play clip on earrings at first…but they did not really stay on her ears for very long.  Pretty much on a weekly basis, she would mention wanting pierced ears or point out every girl, women and man who had pierced ears on some other part of their body … (oh yeah, some embarrassing moments at the grocery check-out counters with the younger generation).
  • Location – There are many places to pick from these days, like your doctor’s office, mall kiosk’s, jewelry stores, girl specialty boutiques.  I got my ears pierced at a local jewelry store and don’t remember much, just an ear gun and fleeting pain.   After switching pediatrician practices recently, I was not yet comfortable setting up an ear piercing appointment at the new practice.  I would always recommend if your pediatrician offers ear piercing to look in to it or ask friends for a local pediatrician recommendation.  I found a place that had the best of both worlds – a physician run facility that focused on just ear piercings in a clean and safe environment.   This place is called Medical Ear Piercing Clinics.  Another plus is making an appointment, so you do not have to wait on a line.
  • Cleanliness –I don’t think I have to elaborate on this one.  I’m sure this is on every parent’s list of must haves.
  • Earring type – To prevent an allergic reaction or irritation you want to look for earrings without nickel.  We picked medical grade titanium.
  • Methods – Is it better to have two people pierce each ear at the same time or have one person pierce one ear at a time?  I’m not a fan of getting your ears pierced at the same time especially for a little girl.  Maybe as a  teenager, it is ok.  My daughter tends to move around a lot, so I rather have the ear technician pierce one ear at a time.  We requested the numbing cream called Lidocaine to be rubbed on her ears and waited around 45 minutes before piercing.   My daughter says she felt something, but there was no meltdown or crying from the piercing.  I have heard that at times you may have to come back and get the second ear pierced, which is what I was praying we did not have to do.  The numbing cream for little girls is definitely worth using.
  • Two Adults minimum! – Please bring another adult to help keep YOU together as the piercings start.  My husband came and he was super awesome in helping keep our daughter calm and focused, especially after the first ear was pierced.
  • A Promise – On the way in the car I asked my daughter to make me a promise before we had her ears pierced.  I asked her to promise me that after TODAY’S piercing, that she will not get another piercing as she gets older or basically…EVER.  She innocently said yes.  I’m good with that…as we all know a ‘mother’s guilt’ can go a long way 🙂

Did you know that all ear lobes are not symmetrical?  I did not know or really notice it until the woman who was piercing my daughter’s ear showed me.  If your child has uneven ear lobes, the person making the black dot on each of the ears  for placement should be centering each ear as she is looking at the center of your child’s face which is the nose.  You do not center the piercing in relation to looking only at that ear.  If you do that, then your chances of having noticeably uneven ear piercings could happen.  It is also the parent’s choice to decide where to have the child’s ears pierced for cultural and religious reasons.

To check out the Medical Ear Piercing Clinic, go to

Hopefully they have a location near you in New York and New Jersey.  If not, their website will give you a good foundation on what questions to ask where ever you decide to go.

What are you tips in ear piercing that you like to share with us?  Add a comment below.

To Your Freedom In Making the Best Ear Piercing Decision for You and Your Family.

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