Crown My daughter came home with a few arts and crafts pictures in her school folder.  Her artistic flair is coming along nicely.  This picture in particular, I knew she drew, but at first quick glance did not know what or who it was…so I asked her who did you draw?

She replied, that is you Mommy.

Really? I said.  I do not have blonde hair, so why did you color in blond strands on top of my head?

She said, “That is your crown. You are a Queen”.

I took a closer look at the picture and NOW saw the regal crown my daughter drew with her hands.  A flood of emotion swelled up in me.  She lifted me above the “day to day” grind and made me stop for a moment to cherish her words and expression.  This moment has become one of the most defining memories to date for me as a mom.

The baby years are way in the past, and we are moving on to Kindergarten soon…  Time is not only flying by, but it is knocking me for a loop, right on my CROWN!!!

Beauty and heartfelt meaning is truly in the eye of the beholder.  Do you have a mothering moment to share?  Please add your comment below.  Love to hear from you.

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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To Your Freedom In Embracing Your Crown Moment!


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