Chocolate Chip Frosting Cookie Heaven

ccfrostcoverWho wants to get FROSTED!!

There is no calorie counting for this delectable chocolaty sweet.

It is just pure heaven should your favorite cookie in the whole wide world be chocolate chip… AND…you enjoy chocolate frosting sandwiched in between two cookie layers. You just have to try it.


Two rectangular Cake Pans (& lids)

Pan size: 12 ¼ in. x 8 ¼ in. x 1 3/32 in

*Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (36 oz)

*Creamy Home-Style Frosting Milk Chocolate

*Substitute with organic products



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Spray the two cake pans with non-stick oil
  3. Take a large scoop of room temperature cookie dough and flatten or press out the dough to fit the pan size. Height of dough should be around ¼ inch.
  4. Refer to the baking instructions/minutes on the cookie dough label. About 20 minutes in oven. Cool on cake pans for about 15 minutes.
  5. Keep one of the cookie sheets intact and generously spread the milk chocolate frosting over the entire cookie with a frosting knife or spatula. You can make the frosting layer as gooey or just a thin layer. All depends on your chocolate desire.
  6. Carefully lift up the other cookie layer with another spatula and use both hands to place the top layer over the frosting layer.
  7. Cut in to squares and Serve


Chocolate Chip Cookie and Frosting lovers will enjoy this delicious treat. Cut in to smaller squares to control your portions, and wrap them up to eat another time. You can freeze too by using saran wrap and then aluminum foil to maintain freshness.  You can also make this treat as a pie, see pics below.


Ready to add frosting!



Sliced and ready for a square! For bite size, cut in to smaller pieces.



Great as a pie shape too.

Great as a pie shape too.





Individually wrapped for community events or bake sales.

Individually wrapped for school or community events or bake sales.










To Your Freedom in Taking Frosting to a Chocolate Chip Heaven!


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