Archives for February 2012

Cracking down on F.E.A.R.

Did you ever say to yourself after accomplishing something important…. “Gee, that was not as bad as I thought it would be?” I have said this time after time with tasks either small or big.  I then ask myself, “Why was I so fearful in not starting it sooner?” Is fear holding … [Read more...]

Wanting a Perfect Ending…

Did you ever say or hear one of your friends say…if only this happened will I be much happier or I wish I could work from home and make my own hours or if I could just make this much money that my life will be that much easier? I have…plenty of times! If you read between … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Food-Lift?

Making consistent healthy choices over a period of time is the tough part, especially if you just eat the same foods all the time.   We can only eat so many carrots before we decide to want something else that is crunchy, like potato chips.   So, the challenge is to find a … [Read more...]